burnaway.org part two post!

I was still a bit worked up, so I posted another addition to my Burnaway.org comment. http://www.burnaway.org/2011/04/why-do-young-artists-leave-atlanta/comment-page-1/#comment-14972

Here it is..

one more thing, if you left because your field is not here,
(animation,game design, what have you..) then there is nothing wrong with that. Its a shame, that we do not have that opportunity available for you. That is not the city’s fault. Its the companies you want to work with, for not seeing Atlanta as a place of growth for their industry. For the artist’s that are upset for not being successful here in Atlanta, then look at your self, and think about why your not and why others are.. There are just as many opportunities here as there are in San Francisco or LA, or NY..Go find them or ask for help.. There are artist in town doing just fine, that would love to help if they were just asked.


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